Sustainability in Marketing

Sustainability is, arguably, the great good force in business today. The trend toward sustainable consumption, which is very much a Millennial and Gen-Z phenomenon (yeah, team!) is leading companies to search for, find, and develop sustainable products and features in their market offerings. In short, for the marketer, being sustainable builds value, which can be captured.
To do this assignment, you should first:
i) Re-watch Randis presentation to the class on Wednesday 4/13 (its in the cloud recordings) to really nail down the story she is telling. Also review her Powerpoints, which are attached.
ii) Read this article by Tensie Whelan and Carly Fink on the Business Case for Sustainability:
iii) Watch this interview with Tensie Whelan as she explains why she established the Center for Sustainable Business at NYU Stern:
iv) Read how Patagonia has built a brand based upon an almost fanatical devotion to sustainability:
v) Briefly review the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, which you no doubt encountered in Business and Society:
Then: you should write a 3-4 page informal essay a meditation – where you artfully use the right words from our master handout (eg, segmentation, product life cycle, product augmentation, meaning and value, 4Cs, 4Ps etc) to describe how the force of Sustainability fits into Marketing. Since this is an informal essay, you can also use personal views, experiences, and examples that are meaningful or valuable to you.

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