English Literature

Poetry Analysis Essay
Choose a poem NOT assigned for this class and compose a short essay (400-600 words) in which you analyze at least three poetic devices (i.e. rhyme, meter, alliteration, imagery, metaphor, simile, personification, etc.) and suggest what effect these devices have on the poem.

Your essay should have an introduction in which you present a clearly formulated thesis statement as well as a conclusion that leaves your reader with a sense of closure. Your body paragraphs should be relevant to your thesis, and you should strive to transition smoothly from one idea to the next.
Use appropriate MLA format for your essay (typed, double-spaced, numbering, etc.). Include a work cited page on which you list the poem. You are not required to draw on any other sources for this essay, but you may do so at your own discretion.
*If you select a poem that cannot be found in the textbook for this class (which you may certainly do), then you will also need to submit a copy of the poem itself for me to read.  Following your work cited page, include a copy of the poem you have analyzed on its own page. Please make this the last page of your submitted document–not a separate attachment. If you select a poem that can be found within our textbook, then the works cited page alone is sufficient.
Please be sure to consult the entire reading assignment list for the poetry unit before you begin working on this essay to ensure you do not accidentally select a poem that has been assigned.

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