Mission Command without Intent: a failure in leadership?

Good evening
I will share with you two files about this research pepper (research proposal, presentation for that research), these files contain references that I used in the past and that I want you to use it again and add at least five more new references, as well as exclude references that are with old dates (I want you to use References with new dates as requested by the university).

Research introduction:
As in the Proposal, I want an explanation to link the intention in the mission and leadership and its relationship to the integrity and honesty of the leader, how much I want the research thesis to be clear in the introduction, as well as defining what the intention in the (military) commander in the mission is so that he understands the civil readers research

In the body of the main research:
I want it to contain what it deems appropriate through reading and references, with an emphasis on that the research is focused on:

Military leadership with an intention only during combat operations, which time is limited during the implementation of missions, and a simple explanation that the work with the intention of the leader in peace is different from war, and that it is not possible to work without intention in war conditions, but maybe ok in peace time.

During the research, examples of leadership with intention and without intention, if any, are given

Clarification that the interviews that were conducted (through video calls) were with military personnel who worked in a previous war (I will put the results of the interviews in the presentation slides attached to the file)

– In the military field, there are several levels (I want the research to focus on the operational and tactical levels only).

Pointing out the difference between acting with less intention or less intent as well (lower intent means subordinates do not understand the full intention).

The survey question consists of (15 questions only), as what I put in methodology.

I want you to share the first draft of the research on July 12, which I will review and return to you to complete the final draft

Please read my comments above seriously because I will check the information and will not pay money in case any of these points is neglected

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