Your McDonalized Life

  Instructors may select one or a combination of the options below, or give students a
choice between them. The students should write a total of 8 to 10 pages combined. Students should use their textbook, supplemental readings, and 3 additional valid sources (newspaper, magazine or journal articles, books) per paper. All citations and the reference list will be formatted using MLA, APA, or ASA style. Option 3 may be offered as a presentation rather than a paper. Please add more specific instructions to the text below,
as needed.

  To what extent is your life McDonaldized? Students will critically analyze their everyday life using the four principles of McDonaldization (efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control) to answer this question in a series of journal entries written throughout the semester. Drawing on specific examples, they will decide how much or how little their life is McDonaldized, and state how this impacts their relationships, their sense of identity, and their choices in life.

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