Write two reflections about the articles

You are going to attend the lecture “Moving inside the Household: Decision-Making; Preferential Treatment and Food Allocation”

Before attending the lecture, you have got the attached 2 article readings:

  — 1.  Gittelsohn, J., Thapa, M. and Landman, L.T. (1997) Cultural Factors, Caloric Intake and Micronutrient Sufficiency in Rural Nepali Households. Social Science and Medicine, v.44(11): 1739-1749.
  — 2.  Harris-Fry H, Shrestha N, Costello A, Saville NM. (2017) Determinants of intra-household food allocation between adults in South Asiaa systematic review. International Journal for Equity in Health, v16(1):107.

Please prepare a reflection (around 135 words) for each of the readings. I provide some reflection examples here as attached.

What you need to finish:
1. Reflection on each article(around 135 words for each article, no strict word limit);

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