Write a reflection about an article

You are going to attend the lecture “Bringing Culture into Nutrition Interventions:  Social Marketing: Segmentation, Targeting, Messages and Channels – Using social media in Public Health – Identifying Appropriate Content/Formats Metaphors, Stories, Songs”.

Before attending the lecture, you have got the attached article reading:

    — Loh, I. H., Schwendler, T., Trude, A., Anderson Steeves, E. T., Cheskin, L. J., Lange, S., & Gittelsohn, J. (2018). Implementation of Text-Messaging and Social Media Strategies in a Multilevel Childhood Obesity Prevention Intervention: Process Evaluation Results. Inquiry : a journal of medical care organization, provision and financing, 55, 46958018779189.

Please prepare a reflection (175-225 words) from reading the article.

What you need to finish:
1. Reflection on this article(175-225 words, no strict word limits);

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