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World Geography Semester Project: Travel the World

          For your semester project, you will create a travel package that takes you around the world.  In your package, you will discover the history, people, geography, and significant sites of four different cities in the world.  Each place must be on a different continent (no Antarctica).  You should pick your places (and check with me for approval) as soon as possible (no two students will choose the same places). This is research-based, and will require effort in gathering the needed information and materials from your text, the internet, and possibly local or online travel agencies (DO NOT PAY FOR ANY TRAVEL INFORMATION FOR THIS ACTIVITY Travel Brochures and information should be free).

Travel package must include the following for each place visited (25 points for each place visited):

History of the areas brief timeline or written summary with key events, people, and importance. (Originally created!)
Description of the people (Use text & almanacs for statistical information) Charts or Graphs to show Humanistic Data – religion, race/ethnicities, language, population, literacy rates, life expectancy. (Originally created!)
Maps or Pictures to present the Geography of the area political, physical, recreational, tourist, etc. Include text.
Travel Information on area Brochures, hotel information, transportation options, recreation, historic sites, etc. (May be Internet)
Written fictional summary of vacation (Itinerary or Travel Journal) What was your path around the world? What did you see/do? How can you compare the places?  What are the current events, challenges, or issues for the places?  What time was needed for travel? Why did you choose the places you chose?

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