Women of Reformation Exercise

Perhaps you have heard of some of the men who are known for their role in the Protestant Reformation:  Martin Luther, Heinrich Bullinger, Ulrich Zwingli, and John Calvin.  Each also had a woman of strong faith alongside.

Reference Book:  Feminine Threads by Dianna Lynn Severance

Discuss the following points related to this topic:
For the first part of this assignment, using scholarly resources, look up those four men and briefly summarize their important theological contributions to Christianity (1 paragraph each)
Then there is some interesting and less well-known information presented regarding the role that the wives of these men had.

In one paragraph each, summarize the significant influence that Katie, Anna, Anna, and Idelette had in helping their husbands in their ministry.

What cultural concerns do you see them dealing with during that time?
What are some principles of godly living that you can apply to your own life?
Support scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided. 
Use of APA formatting is required.

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