Why marijuana should be leagilzed in canada

Marijuana should be legalized because it has one of the lowest on the most harmful list, it helps some medical conditions and a legal market in marijuana will reduce the sales among teenagers, as well as reduce the exposure to other drugs that are illegal.

Writean APA research essay of 1200 words (papers should be 4-6 double-spaced pages, not including the title page and reference page). Essays must include an introduction that ends with a clear thesis statement, as well as body paragraphs and a conclusion. Remember…

1.   Your topic must be related to one of the 9 topics discussed in class throughout the semester.

2.   You must have an essay outline approved before submitting your essay.

Essays should also adhere to the following specifications:

1.    Essays must be written individually. You are responsible for investigating, planning, writing, and revising.

2.    The final essay must be computer generated. Essays must be written in 12-point font.

3.    Your research should be current, reliable and correctly documented following the APA style of documentation, and include at least 10-15 citations. (The essay must also include a reference page and a title page that follow APA style)

4.    The essay must include a minimum of five secondary sources, with research sufficiently diversified to include three different types of sources (books, articles, Web sites…)

5.    Essays should be stapled (no paperclips, binders or folders, please!)

6.    Plagiarized papers will not be graded. You must submit your essay to SafeAssign in Blackboard according to the instructions provided in class.

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