Why is this event worth writing about

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Write a first draft of essay # 1.
For your first essay, I would like you to write a detailed account of an event in your life.  The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice using descriptive language, organizing events in logical time order, and conveying significant details to effectively communicate your story.
I am allowing you to use any event from your life (or from the life of someone you know) as the basis of this paper.  This is your story, so it ought to come naturally to you, but when choosing the event you may want to consider the following:
Why is this event worth writing about?
What did you learn from this experience?
Were there any challenges you had to overcome?
Did you have to use any critical thinking skills?
How have you grown as a result of this experience?
 You don’t need to share anything too personal; I’m not looking for confessional essays, but for stories that contain strong description and some amount of reflection.  But by all means, write what you please.  Use the feedback from today’s class to help determine the topic of your essay.
This needs to be typed and in proper MLA format (double spaced, 1 inch margins).  Page minimum: 2.5 (but feel free to go over).






The points

An event in my life

            -When I was a junior student, I participated the Marathon with my friend.
            – My friend and I were very tired, and we wanted to give up the competition.
-Being run, I saw a man fell down on the ground, and he was very tired.
– “Should I help him?” this is a question in my mind. (At that moment)
– And I decided to help him.
– The question I asked. “Do you need to take a break or give it up?” He said no, because of the family. He was a father, and his son could not walk, he is a person with disabilities. His father wants to show him in Marathon, and hope his son to have faith in his life.
            – Finally, I finished the Marathon with him.

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