What is “evidence that shocks the conscience

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These questions have to be answered individually. You can submit back to me all together but answered individually.
  1. What is “evidence that shocks the conscience?” ( 75 word minimum)

  1. What remedies, other than the exclusionary rule, could be used to discourage police misconduct in violating the Fourth Amendment? (75 word minimum)
  1. Define and compare the bright-line approach and the case-by-case method of determining reasonableness. (75 word minimum)
  1. Which need does the Fourth Amendment satisfy on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and how does it satisfy this need? (75 word minimum)
5.      Does the Fourth Amendment guarantee absolute freedom from government intrusions? Why, or why not? ( 75 word minimum)

6.      Discuss which types of roadblocks and checkpoints are legal or illegal. Be sure to cite relevant case law. ( 75 word minimum)

7.      What is a “de facto arrest?” Give an example of how such an arrest might occur. (75 word minimum)

8.      What are “articulable facts,” and how do they differ from “gut feelings” in justifying a brief detention? (75 word minimum)

9.      Explain the “fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine.” ( 75 word minimum)

10.   Discuss what officers can and cannot do regarding the treatment of both the driver and the passenger during a traffic stop. Be sure to cite relevant case law. (75 word minimum)

11.   Discuss the amount of force that police can use in effectuating an arrest and preventing a suspect from escaping or overcoming resistance. Be sure to cite relevant case law. ( 250 word minimum on this one)

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