water pollution

For this process writing piece, you will write an informational essay on a topic of your choice. You must pick a topic that interests you and helps you to answer one or more of the unit questions:
-How do we make wise choices about significant issues?
-How do communities and individuals respond to injustice/inequity?
-What are the traits of a healthy and fair community?

You should use credible sources and research, as well as anecdotes and other narrative accounts of the issue you are exploring.

You will be graded on the checklist on the back of these instructions.

You should include these craft moves:
-Comparisons and Analogies
-Strong tone
-Clear imagery
-Text Evidence
-References to credible sources

Your process piece should include:
-A headline that previews your claim
-A clearly communicated claim
-A clearly communicated context
-Relevant, compelling, and credible evidence from 2-4 sources
-Subheadings to divide your piece
-Purposeful diction to communicate ideas
-Use of traditional research, as well as anecdotal evidence

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