Virtual Team Challenges & Opportunities Paper

Overview and Rationale:
Most of us who have engaged in project work in a professional setting have been part of a virtual team. Maybe not an entirely virtual team, but we have most likely engaged with a team that includes some aspect of virtual work. Most likely, we have done this without even thinking about it, as the technology we employ on a daily basis allows us to seamlessly engage in this virtual manner. However, it is important for us to consider just what is gained and / or lost by engaging in a virtual manner. This paper will explore these considerations.

Assignment Instructions:
For this assignment, you are going to explore some the key benefits and challenges associated with working on a virtual team. In your paper, you will want to consider the question from the perspective of the various virtual stakeholders (project manager, project team, sponsor, customer).

Appropriately cite a minimum of 3 peer reviewed sources
Overall citations less than 15% of the paper

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