Video Games & Aggression Research Paper: Middle Childhood

Instructions: The debate about what influences aggressive behavior continues to be relevant as children are playing more and more violent video games. For this assignment you will review the relevant research on the relationship between video games and aggression and take a position. You will also present a brief discussion of a potential study design to further investigate the topic. This paper should be 5-6 pages in length. A minimum of 4 research (peer reviewed scholarly material) sources must be used.

Your paper must include the following:
Part I
1)    Introduction paragraph
2)    Analysis/literature review of a minimum of 4 research articles found in peer reviewed journals. It is best if the articles are dated within the past 5 years. Discuss the findings of the articles including any controversies, limitations, inconsistencies and unanswered questions.
3)    Present a discussion of what questions still must be answered in order to better understand the connection among video games and violent behavior
Part II : Your research Design
1)    In this section you will present your own research design to address one of the questions/topics that remain (from your literature review).  Present a hypothesis and/or research question as well as the reasons why you believe it is important to investigate this particular topic
2)    You can use the resources in the research folder (as well as the template) to help you address the design you will employ. Discuss the:
a.    Research design/method and rationale for the method
b.    Participants
c.    Any ethical concerns/considerations
d.    How this design will help further our knowledge of the relationship between video games and violence
Please also be sure that you have:
1)    A conclusion or summary paragraph to wrap up the whole paper
2)    A reference list with apa formatted citations
3)    A well written essay that is free of grammatical issues

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