veteran affairs

For this assignment, you will assume the role of a character in the following scenario:

You are a reimbursement specialist at a Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital. One of the VA physician recruiters has asked you for information to aid in her recruitment efforts. The purpose of gathering this information is so the recruiter can better market the open physician positions, as well as respond to inquiries from prospective applicants.

The recruiter needs the following information:

Patient insurance demographic (after researching this topic, you may assume the national averages apply to your hospital).
Pros and Cons of VA patient insurance (both from a patient and provider perspective)
Physician time spent on administrative tasks (related to insurance)
Use the reference the materials provided in this unit, and also conduct research on your own.

In approximately one page, concisely explain points a, b, and c. Bullet point format is acceptable.

Include a separate reference page, listing all resources used to create this assignment using proper APA formatting.

Use proper APA formatting for all resources/references used to complete this assignment.

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