US History

1. Why did relations between the United States and Cuba sour in the 1950s and what was Fidel Castros justifications for his actions? How was the Bay of Pigs invasion planned and carried out, and what was the outcome? What further events transpired during October 1962 that brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war? What is the status of affairs between the two countries today?

2. How and why did the United states go through a process of rapid urbanization beginning in the 1920s? What was nativism and how was it related to urbanization and modernization? How did the growth of cities affect the development of a common American culture during this time? What impact do cities have on American society today?

3. What were the Indians of All Tribes (IOAT) activists who occupied Alcatraz Island hoping to achieve and what was the outcome of their protest? Related (but not the same group) what was the American Indian Movement and what were some civil rights concerns that sought to address? How have these concerns been addressed since 1968 and what are the general conditions of Native American reservations today?

Write an essay and discuss three topics in separated sections. Make sure include all the sub-questions in ordered and cited in MLA format. Each topic would be at least 350 words. Website citation is preferred.

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