Unit VII Scholarly Activity

In this two-part assignment, you will be focusing on the differences between male and female inmates/prisons.
First, you are going to create a chart with the following columns:
1. Common Traits
2. Differences
Your job is to list the common characteristics of the male and female prison subculture in the respective column. In the
common traits column, you will list things that both populations share. In the differences column, you will list
CRJ 2000, Introduction to Criminal Justice 4
characteristics or behaviors that one population has, but the other does not. You do not need to give a lot of detail, as you
will be explaining this chart in the rest of the assignment. This chart is meant to be a quick visual and to help you in the
second part of the assignment. You may set this up in a way that makes the most sense to you, but be sure it contains
at least both columns This should take up half of the first page.
The second part of your assignment is to write one and a half pages about your chart. Explain the similarities and
differences in more detail. Explain what you found interesting and different between the two populations. Do not be afraid
of using statistics or examples.
You must use your textbook and at least two academic sources. You must cite sources in APA style using in-text citations.
Creativity is encouraged! Your chart does not have to be just black and white.
Your paper should be in APA format, with in-text citations and a reference page. It must be at least two pages in length. The
reference and title page do not count towards the two-page requirement.

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