Unit 5 DB: Identifying Maltreatment and Taking Action

After reviewing the scenario on recognizing maltreatment, consider what additional questions might require further answers to clarify this situation. Talking about possible abuse with either the child or caregiver is challenging. What were the signs that made you think something was wrong? Suggest a possible next step for the teacher in this scenario to take.
Chapter 10 Wrapping Up Essay Scenario: Recognizing Maltreatment
When it was time to go outdoors, 3-year-old Casandra said that she didnt want to play
and headed for her locker. The teacher was concerned that Casandra seemed quieter
and more withdrawn since returning from the weekend. Eventually, Casandras teacher
was able to convince her to come outside. When the teacher boosted her onto a swing
seat tears began to roll down Casandras cheeks. The teacher stopped the swing,
consoled her quietly for a few minutes, and asked why she was crying. Initially,
Casandra denied that anything was wrong. When the teacher again asked Casandra
why she was crying she reluctantly said that she had fallen the night before at her
dads house and hurt her bottom.
The teacher took Casandras hand and headed back into the classroom. She asked
Casandra to show her where she had been hurt. When Casandra pulled down her
shorts, the teacher observed what appeared to be a large burn with blisters
approximately 1 1/2 inches in length by 1/2 inch in width on her left buttock. The area
around the burn was bright red. Several small bruises, approximately one-half inch in
diameter and blue green in color, were also evident on Casandras right buttock. Again,
the teacher quietly asked Casandra how she had been hurt, and once again she looked
away and replied that she had fallen.

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