Unit 10 Discussion

One challenge facing most companies is how to effectively integrate a diverse workforce so that there is a safe space for all ideas, backgrounds, and cultures to bring their whole self to work each day and contribute to the organization’s overall mission. Movements to create cultures of inclusion have led to some groundbreaking ways managers can ensure diversity is recognized, respected, and even leveraged as a form of competitive advantage. Author and consultant Erica Dhawan has spoken about this topic in detail.

Dhawan, E. (2016). Create cultures of inclusion.

Reflecting on the Dhawan (2016) video above, your own external research and experience, as well as the material from Chapter 9, address the following in your response:

Define diversity in your own words.
Describe why developing a culture of inclusion is necessary for a company to remain competitive in a global economy.
Based on your own research and/or experience, share at least two concrete ways an organization might foster an inclusive environment.

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