The purpose is for you to demonstrate and integrate your knowledge of all the concepts covered thus far in the course. Please answer each question thoroughly and with detailed examples
1). Under what circumstances are the psychological effects of disaster greatest? What factors mediate the psychological response to trauma, and how are loss and grief characterized after disaster?
2). How does physical disability in first responders following trauma affect psychological functioning? In answering this question, please also describe Catherall’s six stages of the primary victim’s process.
3). Please pick ONE treatment approach for PTSD and describe it in detail (e.g., EMDR, CBT, Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy), including evidence for its efficacy in treating PTSD.
4). How does stigma treatment-seeking behavior? How does social support counteract stigma and promote treatment-seeking behavior?
5). How do children process trauma differently than adults? How do age and stage of development affect how children respond to death?
6). How does disaster preparedness differ between minority and majority groups? What are the implications for public health?
For all concepts you must show where you have learned your information by citing your sources.
Please use APA formatting for sources, which includes both in-text citations and a reference page. For assistance and resources on APA formatting style.
Work should be submitted in a Word document (doc. or docx.) and be 5 to 6 pages in length (excluding the required title and reference page).

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