Ugliness as Resistance and Reappropriations of Girls

Please read each question slowly and carefully before responding. Be sure that you have answered every question in all parts of the assignment. 

Part 1; Modern Musical Perspectives onGirls

Depending on its context, the term girl can come across as empowering, demeaning, or as various meanings in between.  As such, girl is a word that can be difficult to assess and address. 

1.    Choose two of the following songs.
Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1983)
Martina McBride, This Ones for the Girls (1993)
No Doubt Just a Girl (1995),
Ani DiFranco, Not a Pretty Girl (1995)
Madonna, What It Feels Like for a Girl (2000)

2.    Carefully listen to the two songs that you chose with lyrics in hand.

3.    Carefully watch the official music videos for both songs that you have chosen. Compare and contrast how (in your opinion) the idea of girl is addressed and presented in each video. LENGTH: 2 good-sized paragraphs for

Part 2:  Lilith Fair

1. Research the origins, development, and aims of Lilith Fair.
    Length: two pages double-spaced.

2. Please be sure to cite the sources you used.

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