UGI Project

You will act as a consulting team that has been hired by United Global International (UGI). UGI is a large conglomerate that sells goods and services in 12 major different industries, and the company’s annual sales are $70 billion. UGI has decided to enter a new industry with a new company and you will do the research for the firm.

You will choose the Automotive Manufacturing industry for your research.

You don’t need to finish the whole paper, you only need to be responsible for part of the Documents for new UGI company and  part of providing research data, The part you are responsible for must cover the following areas:

1. Corporate Documents for new UGI company
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
Value Statement

2. Providing Research Data
You must review at least 3 different markets (your choice: United States, Germany, and Japan.)
For each market:
Show statistics for consumption of your good or service
Show statistics for anticipated future consumption (is it likely to increase or decrease?)
Describe how the business/cultural environment may affect the product or service. This relates to your customers.
Describe how the economic/government environment may affect the product or service.

!!!Note: The data in this report will also be in the final UGI paper. This is to include the following:

Show the data for consumption of your chosen good or service by country.
Show the data for competitors by country, including market shares.
Recreate all charts using Excel or a similar program. Do not copy and paste charts from Internet sources.
Include references for all of your data.

You must research and use statistics to back up your arguments. Remember that this project is on an industry not a product. You may want to suggest a specific company or product to buy out, but that would be part of the proposal and should not be the bulk of your presentation. Do not spend a significant amount of time describing a new product or service; assume that the board of directors of UGI is at least somewhat familiar with the product or service.

This final paper should follow APA style, be double space, and include references for all of your data.

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