Types of living arrangement for elderly

There are several ways to live among the elderly: here are a few…

Independent Living Apartments. …
Adult Homes. …
Enriched Housing. …
Family-Type Homes. …
Assisted Living Program (ALP) …
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (Lifecare Communities) …
Nursing Home (Skilled Nursing Facility)

Pick two and research how much they cost per month? What is included in the  cost per month? (in California)

is there a private room, laundry, private nurse, help with medications, bathing, getting dressed and eating?
Include the address, phone #, website and cost per month
Do they take medicaid? does this pay for all of it or?
Call the locations to get as much detail as possible if not listed
What would you do if this was your parent? could you afford it? Does your parent have enough saved? what would you do instead?
How can the community and / or government make this easier on those that are still working and caring for a elderly parent?
Give the advantages and disadvantages of the two you picked.


For questions listed in the assignment above, Please list, describe and analyze in your own words. Please use at least 1 paragraphs per answer. Each paragraph should be a minimum of 5 sentences. Remember to answer all the questions above.  You MUST cite the websites you use, using APA format.

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