two stories/books that are kinda alike and have the same theme

Part One:65%

Directions:  You will be working with the concept of theme and relating a theme to two of the readings that you have completed for this course.

Definition:  A theme is a statement about the authors general message in a reading.  A theme is never one word- for example, justice.  Instead, a theme may show something about the idea of justice.  For example, some people are treated unjustly because of actions theyve done in the past. 

For the final, create a theme that you believe is in two different readings.  You may find it helpful to look at character actions and the results of those actions ( Was anything learned or not?)  You may also find it helpful to look at the events of the two different readings.  Ask yourself, why did the author have the events turn out as he or she did?

The writing should feature an introduction where you include the theme that you created for the three readings, a body paragraph that shows how the theme relates to the first reading, a body paragraph that shows how the theme relates to the second reading,  a body paragraph that shows how the theme relates to the third reading, and a concluding paragraph.

Part Two: 35%

Directions:  You will analyze the concept of tone and mood in a particular scene from one of the works that you read from this semester.  Remember that tone deals with the authors word choice and dialogue, while mood deals with the setting (described) and the situation.  Please use specific examples of word choice (use quotes from the text) and specific examples of setting and situation.  Your analysis should focus on how the writer used tone and mood and what the effect was to your understanding of the work. 

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