Two Project Proposals

Final Project

First phase: Final Project Proposal

Your final project will tie the readings and topics learned and discussed during this semester with the local area you are living right now (The local area I choose is Wellsville, New York State). It will comprise of a written paper; a reflection, and/or other sections, based on the project you chose: it could be photos, an interview, a research, etc

First phase: PROPOSALS (2 proposals to submit)
In this phase you will submit two final project proposals-300 words each based on two different local institutions that you would be interested to work on.

Before describing your final project proposal, address these two questions.
1.    Are you in a rural or urban area?
2.    What aspect related to food, and based on the readings and topics we discussed and are discussing, would you be interested in exploring in the area you live right now, and why?
You could explore how your area is addressing the relation between access to fresh food and social issues, environmental or ecological issues, food waste, health, education on local and fresh food, and more generally speaking food security, food desert, etc

Both your proposals will address these points:
– Research what kind of alternative food projects, movements, organizations, associations, cooperatives, urban gardeners, etc are in your area and give a brief description of the one you would be interested in for your final project. Who they are, what they focus on, how they operate, where are they located specifically, what is their mission etc
– Are they active right now, is it possible to contact them/it?

If so, consider to contact them and ask for a short interview. This could be a good starting point to learn more about the organization you want to focus on and learn how they are dealing with the current situation. Have they been affected, or are they able to be of any help to the community they are located, etc

If you have a yard, or access to land, or even a balcony (if you live in an urban area, for example), and would like to engage in some more manual or practical work, one of your two final project proposals could focus on this aspect. Please highlight:
–    Why you would like to propose this project.
–    Consider to take notes on your experience of all the phases you are covering. As for now, in the proposal phase, be specific: what vegetables are you thinking to plant, how are you organizing the seedling, where are you going to transplant the plants, what soil and seeds are you going to use, where can you buy them in your area, etc

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