Tussle with the government

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To: Employees
From: <Name>
Date: June 15, 2013
Subject: Tussle with the government
In todays scenario when the competition is very intense, it is nearly impossible for any
company to have no friction with the present policies of the government and hence it is sure that
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we need to take a side when there is any issue and stand for the same.
One of the most important corporate-environment tussles is about taking advantage of the
locals. We are completely against the corporate sector taking advantage of the common
community and not helping them in return. Exploiting the locals and then leaving locals behind
once their job is done after eroding entire environment, natural resources is something that is
against the concept of sustainable development. There is no regulation for this; there is no loyalty
for the local nature and community.
Sustainability or Sustainable development is one concept that can be matched with the
interview. There is a need for rules and regulations that makes it mandatory for the corporate to
develop the local community and making them sustain in the long run. And above all the natural
resources should not be destroyed in such a way that it cannot be revived.
The orientation of our company can be considered to be at the arms length because of
many reasons. First of all, we were at odds with the present government regarding the regulation

and had an adversarial relationship with them and had most of the times expressed different
opinions than that of the government.
There is a completely different opinion and stance when we can have a much cordial
relations with the government. Even though the situation would not be very different from that of
the situation 1 but we were able to handle to situation in a much better way. We know that there
is nothing much that can be done in terms of the regulation that has been proposed and
implemented and hence we chose to quietly support the legislation. It is better to remain peaceful
throughout with the government and FDA while in situation 1 there was resentment against the
It is this quietness and support that we got a seat at the table when the Congress was
making a decision. Company following situation 1 did not get any such seat. It was the attitude
of the company that helped us most of the time and this is the main reason that we were able to
handle the situation and solve it in a much better way.
I would like to demand one thing from all of the employees: Do not follow the regulation
that has been implemented by the government. You would have to put in your demands with the
government but you have to be sure that the friction can be reduced to the minimum possible and
the relation is cordial as possible. This would not only benefit the company with the changes in
the regulation but also help the company twist the regulation in some of the cases. This would
help us in the long run.
Hence, through this memo, I would urge you to take a decision after discussing with your
seniors and the management.

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