Identifying Disciplinary Approaches
Identify which disciplinary approach (multi, inter, or trans) each of these scenarios uses. Write 1-2 sentences defending your reasoning.

Tyler recently celebrated submitting their dissertation, “Neurophilosophy of the late 19th Century” for a final defense. The work required Tyler to look at the history of neuroscience, how it integrated with philosophical trends, and how the resultant field took shape in its early years.

2.    Peace

You’ve been hired to work at the University of Mindanao to work with members of the campus community, the local government, and recent war victims to create an educational and action-based peace and conflict resolution program.

3.    Book Chapter

Cambridge University Press is creating a volume from the proceedings of an “Arts and Sustainability” conference. Each chapter will be written by each of the speakers at the conference, with half of the chapters focusing on the arts and the other half focusing on sustainability.

4.    Alzheimers center

A center for Alzheimers research and treatment employs neurologists, postdoctoral fellows in neuroscience, doctors, and nurses to triage patient care as well as implement new experimental drug trials. The center is divided into a research campus and a hospital.

5.    Team taught course

A graduate course titled Arts in the Digital Age has a speaker from a different field teach the course each week. These speakers include artists, musicians, historians, computer scientists, web developers, and influencers.

6.    Homelessness

To attempt to solve the homelessness epidemic in Los Angeles, the city government meets with public health officials, city planners, private donors, local outreach programs, as well as homeless citizens to tackle the problem from multiple angles.

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