An Introduction: Use a method of introduction followed by a thesis statement including the two subtopics
  Body Paragraph 1: Start with a topic sentence followed by at least 3 supporting details
  Body Paragraph 2: Start with a topic sentence followed by at least 3 supporting details

  A Conclusion: Start with a signal word, restate the thesis statement, and use a method of conclusion

There has been a lot of talk about immigration recently. People are making major decisions to uproot their lives and start from scratch in an unfamiliar, new place. There is a vast number of reasons and purposes for immigration. Many Lebanese citizens have made their decision to immigrate due to security purposes. Others have decided to leave the country due to the current economic crisis that Lebanon is going through. Even fresh graduates are struggling to find good jobs due to downsizing, low salaries, or the complete closure of some companies. 
In a well-organized four-paragraph essay, discuss whether you think immigration is a good OR a bad solution for the Lebanese youth, providing two reasons to support your opinion. 

  Title and Indentation (10 points)
  Introduction (5 points)
  Thesis statement (5 points)
  Topic Sentences (10 points)
  Supporting Details and Examples (30 points)
  Conclusion (15 points)
  Unity and Coherence (10 points)
  Grammar and Mechanics (15 points)
Things you need to consider before submitting the essay:

  Make sure to review For & Against Essay

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