Theater Othello

The mini-essays are each a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words, and are graded on the following point scale. 5 is the highest grade, 1 is the lowest.
5: Clear response to prompt, including a short quote or reference for evidence, with a clear explanation as to how it is relevant. Excellent spelling and grammar.
4: Good response to prompt, possibly missing a quote or with less explanation. Good spelling and grammar.
3: Adequate response to prompt, missing quote, short and/or undeveloped. A few spelling or grammar mistakes.
2: Barely minimal response with many grammar and spelling errors.
1: Less than minimal response, incorrect detail or irrelevant. Many errors, possibly at the comprehension level, i.e., it is difficult to discern meaning.
0: No or no coherent response.
I recommend that you type out the mini-essays on a separate word-processing document and cut and paste your answers into the text boxes. This way, you have a copy, and it will prevent your losing data.

Look at the speeches Othello gives about the handkerchiefs origins. Are they consistent or inconsistent? Why or why not?

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