The role of researching in fostering teaching excellence

The Role of Research in Fostering Teaching Excellence

In this course, we have discussed many teaching strategies in nursing education. You have also engaged in additional research this week on either evidence-based practices or what role research plays for professional nurse educators. Referencing the additional articles you found on your topic of choice, respond to the following:

How has this course enhanced your understanding of nursing education excellence?
What do you view as a teaching priority for nurse educators?
How will you pass on what you have learned in this course to the nursing profession in order to build an organizational climate that fosters the development of students and teachers?
Reflect on the multiple teaching strategies discussed in this course.
How has your learning experience in this course enhanced your understanding of planning, conducting, and selecting multiple teaching strategies to engage the adult learner?
Reflect on the readings for evidence-based teaching in this unit. How might that knowledge impact your plans for teaching in nursing?
Describe the teaching strategies you envision for the future millennial student.

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