The Prince by Machiavelli or Martin Luther or Queen Elizabeth I

choose one of the three and follow the directions and use and incorporate the analyses and terms on the other sheet

Reaction Paper Guidelines:

– Read entire reading selection

– Use Specific Terms & Suggested Analyses.

– 1 Page Minimum, can be more than 1 page, but MUST fill up an entire page.

– Font Size 12 or smaller.  Do NOT adjust fonts, margins or spacing.

– Only Your NAME is required at top.  No Date, No Title, No Class info.

– Paper MUST be single spaced only.  1.5 or 2.0 Spacing will be rejected.

– Proofread & Edit for Spelling & Grammar.

– DO NOT USE Outside Information, no research is necessary.

– Do not QUOTE The reading or the textbook.

– WRITE 3 Paragraphs:  Identifications, Analysis, Reaction

– Identification paragraph MUST include at least 5-7 specific terms used correctly

– Analysis paragraph should follow suggested analyses; i.e. What is Important about this text to us today?

– Follow directions carefully on assignment sheet

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