The Power of an Illusion
Click on “Learn More.” When there, you will see an index of the pages on right-hand side. Complete the exercises and readings beginning with the first item “What is Race?”, the move on to each in turn. Submission of assignment requirements is to be done at different place. See “PBS Assignment Submission” folder.

Write 5 pages
Got to the site and access the image archive. There is a lot here… no need to see it all. Click on “Menu of Virtual Exhibits” and you will need to click on the mimages on the page to uncover the links.  Use this as a guidleine for writing your report.  Say something about each of the headings. Don’t forget to look at images on top strip (click to enlarge). Submit a minimum 5-6 pgs. summary of what you saw. Due date is end of week 3. Submit summary on Assignments page.

Write 5 pages
Required reading. On bottom of page is link to next pages. You are required to click on “continue” button on bottom of page and read “Race Science Exhibitions”, “Measuring Race”, “Eugenics and Physical Anthropology” as well.  This will also be helpful for your Eugenics assignment.
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