The Legacy of Korean Language

The Professor mentioned that he will mainly focus on how much you put effort for researching on this topic rather than your English Writing. So,the more you put effort on various sourcecs of reading the articels,books,other research papers and historical facts,the better quallity of paper will come out.You need to study the narritives carefully and reflect he present based on those histroric facts)!
(But plagarism is not FORGIVEN!)

This  research paper which mainly needs to meet the following ten requirements!
It is based on the work of others.
It can be replicated and doable .
It is generalisable to other settings.
It is based on some logical rationale and tied to theory. In a way that it has the potential to suggest directions for future research.
It generates new questions or is cyclical in nature.
It is incremental.
It addresses directly or indirectly some real problem in the world.
It clearly states the variables or constructs to be examined.
Valid and verifiable such that whatever you conclude on the basis of your findings is correct and can be verified by you and others.
The researcher is sincerely interested and/or invested in this research.

I will upload the lists of resources to be cited!

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