The Great Pacific War

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The Great Pacific War

Grading Matrix for Book Review Essay

Introduction                                                                                                  ________ Points (10)
•Identifies book by title and author
•Describes main theme of book
•Situates book in proper historical context
•Introduction is clear, concise, focused

Body of Essay/Analysis                                                                                ________ Points (30)
•Summarizes book properly
•Evaluates strengths/weaknesses of book
•Evaluates author’s use of evidence
•Provides convincing evidence and examples to support ideas
•Demonstrates skillful historical analysis and interpretation

*Engagement with Book Reviews/Historiography                                  ________ Points (20)
•Uses other book reviews to situate analysis
•Includes key quotations/examples from reviews

Conclusion                                                                                                    ________ Points (10)
•Clear, concise, well-written conclusion
•Properly summarizes/evaluates book

General:  Organization/Development                                                      ________ Points (20)
•Writing is formal, appropriate for essay writing
•Good use of topic sentences and transitions
•Unified and coherent paragraphs that develop ideas
•Overall clarity and organization of essay
•Correct use of grammar/spelling/etc

Citations                                                                                                        ________ Points (10)
•All quotes/ideas properly cited from book and reviews


*Failure to reference and cite external book reviews will result in 20 point deduction.

The critical book review should be 3-5 pages in length.

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