The engagement and relationship between Douglas-fir and BC First Nation

The engagement and relationship between Douglas-fir and BC First Nation
(Important to reveal in what ways do First Peoples live in respectful relationship with Douglas-fir and place and, how can you build and sustain indigenous perspectives in your own relationship with plants and place.)

–    1500 2000 words (include reference), double spaced, 7 references at least
–    Paper consists of introduction, content, summary, and conclusion, please clearly title these sections
–    For the content part, please build it up from these aspects: Food (Herbal tea, etc), Economy (1 paragraph), and inspiration/cultural meaning. Please pay more attention to the inspirations and cultural meaning. On the economic part, the commercial nature of the species does not necessarily need to be explored in-depth as compared to cultural/Indigenous aspects.

Grading rubric:
overall command and comprehension of the topic with attention given to the
completeness and accuracy of the content and analytical engagement with the
material presented and;

for the mechanics of research and writing with attention given to the fluid
development, clarity, and organization of the essay, the quality of source material,
sound use of citations and references, as well as spelling, grammar, and form.

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