The case study for this assessment will be Ryan Air

Case Study

The case study for this assessment will be Ryan Air

Please answer the following questions. The total word count is 2000 words

Ryanair have recently announced that they are improving their customer service via a number of new ideas. Review and document what changes they are making and using the 5 performance objectives discuss and analyse these initiatives

As an operations manager for Ryanair, discuss ideas for how operational improvements could be implemented meeting the performance objectives that you feel Ryanair are striving to meet.

What could be some of the challenges or risks that RyanAir could face to their brand or revenue if they don’t meet the performance objectives you have set out?

What recommendation would you make to the board of Ryanair as an additional operational improvement? How would you explain the benefit and management of this new concept or idea to the board of RyanAir?

Explain the design of the operations for this new improvement as part of your study in terms of layout, process, technology and resources involved

Answers will be expected to be backed up by evidence or examples from the course notes, the main text and from other examples

Further reading will be expected for this assessment. 


All submissions should be typed on A4 paper. Using font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing.

All references should be in Harvard Style

Assignments will not be accepted without a bibliography

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