The American Revolution

This assignment is a 1500 word research paper based entirely on the text The American Yawp (This is free online. You can just google it) following the instructions in A Short Guide to Writing About History, among other requirement this means you are not to use parenthetical (MLA) type references, you must use footnotes, follow the examples found in A Short Guide to Writing About History. In this paper you will support your thesis or in other words take a position and argue to defend the thesis. You may not use any secondary sources other than The American Yawp. You must use the thesis topic and thesis statement that were approved or assigned by the instructor.  Your paper may also use up to five primary sources, however, a complete photocopy or online link of any primary source used must be submitted to the instructor before turning in your paper. Your paper must be your own original non-plagiarized work, plagiarized material will result in no credit for the assignment and the class and may result in suspension. Late papers will be deducted 10% of the grade per calendar day. Every paper will be checked by computer to make sure it is an original work.

The Paper Grading Criteria:The 1500 word research paper will be graded as follows:

10% Grammar
30% Documentation (i.e. footnotes)
30% Information selected (facts, quotes, and paraphrases)
30% The use of information (quality of argument)

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