Technology and society

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essay around 3000 words


1.Does Heidegger’s idea of enframing do anything more than recycle
romantic prejudices about technology?

2.How have technology designs been sexist in the past? Is the
situation improving in the digital era?

3.Why did Marx think that technology designed to oppress them would
‘redound to the benefit of the working class’?

4.Can efficiency be challenged as the dominant value at the scene of
technology design? Should it be?

5.What is ‘interpretative flexibility’ and why is it important to
constructivist thinking about technology?

6.How did the idea of technological progress come to be associated
with the project of Western domination in the nineteenth century?

7.Can hacking computers be a legitimate part of progressive political

8.What are primary and secondary instrumentalisation? Are these ideas

9.We are often told that we live in a ‘technological culture’: how
distinctive does this make us?

10. How are the aesthetics
of digital technology design implicated in ongoing strategies of domination and

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