System racism within the higher education system

For this project you can choose to either submit a 5-10 page research paper or give a 7-9 minute presentation on a topic of your choice.  If you choose to submit a research paper, you should upload that paper in a pdf or word file format in this assignment portal by 8:00 am on 5/13.  If you choose to give a presentation, you should come to our final exam period on 5/13 prepared to give that presentation.

Your project should assess a specific potential solution to the problem of systemic racism within our society.  Your final project may draw directly from the problem you focused on in your midterm project, or you may switch to a different or broader solution to systemic racism.  Remember that the focus of your project should be to explain a solution and to assess the effectiveness of that solution.  So, you will describe action that can be taken, but also develop an argument on how effective this solution would be.  Below are a few ideas to consider:

Solutions to a specific aspect of systemic racism in our society (e.g., solutions to racism in education, housing, health, the environment, etc.)
Police and/or criminal justice reform
Gun Control
Legislative action (i.e., what laws can be written/changed to rid our society of systemic racism?)
Reparations (there are many ways that reparations could be implemented.  If you choose this topic, make sure that you explain the type of system of reparations that you are proposing.)
Corporate action (human resources processes (e.g., hiring, bias training, etc.), corporate activism, etc.
These are just a list of some of the big ones; you may also consider other areas that I have not listed here.

Your paper or presentation should use at least 5 reputable sources that provide information about the potential solution.  You should essentially be explaining a solution and then assessing how effective it would likely be.  Make sure that you include both in-text citations (for presentations as well as papers) and a references page/slide at the end of your paper/presentation.  Please use either MLA or APA citation style and keep a consistent style throughout your paper/presentation.

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