Supply Chain Management Course Work

Answer questions related to supply chain management.  At least 250 words each.

QUESTION 1: (250 Words, 1 Reference)
What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing to Low Cost Countries (LCCS)? How can the risks of outsourcing be mitigated?

QUESTION 2: (250 Words, 1 Reference)
Discuss the nature of social and labor issues that domestic manufacturers will likely face with their international suppliers. Why is it important to understand the cultural background of a foreign supplier?

QUESTION 3: (250 Words, 1 Reference)
Find any recent web article (no older than two/three years from today and relate your findings on how the Supply Chain Manager is making a difference in todays global markets. Recommend you use the key word(s) Supply Chain Management or Supply Management in your search. Ensure you properly cite your website (source) at the bottom of your post.

QUESTION 4: (250 Words, 1 Reference)
Consider a supply chain for an organization you are familiar with.
1. How could the organization create more value for its stakeholders?
2. Which of the four future freight flows should it prepare itself for?
3. What should the organization do to prepare for the future flow(s)?

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