Subjective Response and Objective Summary

a) Give your subjective response to the article . 3-5 sentences. What are your personal feelings about the topic? Basically, you are getting all your subjective feelings out so you can step back from the article and look at how it works more objectively.

b) Now write a 3-5 sentence objective summary of the article. The first sentence should give some context (author, publication info) to the article and include the main point(3-5 sentences)

c) Finally, put yourself on the spot. Based on this one reading, quickly state if you think the article was successful at doing what it set out to do or do you think is was unsuccessful. Just off the top of your head list some reasons why you thought it was successful or not. If you thought it was successful, mention a couple things that might be problematic. If you thought it was unsuccessful, mention a couple things that were good about the article.

d) Title your post the title of the article.

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