Student Loans

Recently, the Biden Administration has addressed the growing impact of student loan debt. They have proposed forgiving either $10,000 of debt or $50,000.
For this paper, I want you to you analyze the process of constructing a social problem by creating a natural history of this particular social problem. Whats the claim? Who is making it? Whats the solution? What role did/does social movements play in this process? What are the practices and models of power that best explain this process?
Papers should be no less than 4 pages in length, no more than 6. Your papers should be well cited and refer to the ideas and concepts that are relevant to the construction of a social problem. Summarize and explain the relevant concepts and their meaning (define your terms) as they relate to your argument and/or analysis. I will be looking for a clear argument, familiarity with relevant material, and a robust analysis (application of concept to a specific example; employing sociological concepts and theories to answer ‘why’ and how)

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