Student Learning Results

Section Three of the Data Profile will provide an in-depth view of your schools Student Learning Results data. The section is made up of 3 components.

These Components are:

            In this section, identify (by official name) the standardized assessment that you will be analyzing, based on the results for the previous 3 full academic years and the grade(s) that will be included in your analysis. Examples of the assessments you can select for this  section of the Data Profile are:

FSA mathematics or ELA (elementary, middle, or high school-select one grade)

FSA writing (elementary, middle, or high school-select one grade)

End of Course Exam (select one subject) 

Elementary science


No charts or graphs are needed in this section.

2. Longitudinal Results of the _(name of the Assessment)__

            In this section, provide a pictorial of the longitudinal data from this assessment (tables, charts, or graphs) of the results of the assessment you have chosen to analyze for the previous 3 full academic years.

The table, chart, or graph should include scores disaggregated for subgroups and display proficiency scores for the total group.

3.Analysis of the Student Learning Results Data

In this section, provide a narrative that analyzes the proficiency scores for the total group and subgroup data. Identify trends that you see from the scores and any inferences you can make based on these trends. If specific interventions have taken place at the school that has positively or negatively impacted student performance on this assessment during the 3 years, please provide that information.

Use the Template and the Sample Data Analysis Project for additional information regarding Section Three: Student Learning Results Data.

Attached is the template, a sample document. This section starts on pages 23 and ends on page 29, and the 2016- 2018 7th Grade Math FSA Data

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