Based on the information in the video and this weeks readings, how might the virtues of wisdom and justice be instrumental in our perception of and response to insults according to the Stoics?
Drawing directly from Seneca’s letter on grief, explain how Senecas advice illustrates the virtues of Justice and Wisdom. Do you agree with Senecas advice, why or why not?
Marcus Aurelius believed that a person could achieve a happy life by fulfilling their duty. William Irvine believes that this notion does not ring true with most people today. Why do you think the Stoics correlated duty with a good life, and why do you think modern-day people might fail to find satisfaction in the fulfillment of duty?
The video above explains the Stoic conception of justice as living harmoniously with other people in our community. Drawing from outside research, compare and contrast the Stoic conception of justice with that from another philosophical or religious tradition. Which conception of justice do you agree with more and why?

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