Standard Testing

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This paper is worth 250 points.Please pay careful attention to documentation – both the parenthetical citations and the works cited page.

Length:2200 words minimum, excluding the works cited page.Papers less than 2200 words WILL NOT be graded. Also, late papers will not be accepted unlessarrangements are made prior to the due date.

Sources:7 sources minimum.

In text citations:At least 10 in text citations (quotes, paraphrases, summaries) need to be included.Please remember, quotes are not always the best way to make use of source material – try using paraphrases and summaries of the source material.Only 15% of the paper may be quoted material and papers that have more that 15% quoted material will receive a 20 point deduction for each additional 5% over the 15% limit. Papers with more than 30% quoted material will receive a ZERO. Also, no more than one long quote is permitted in the paper. A long quote is defined as a quote that is four or more lines in your paper.If the paper contains more than one long quote 20 points per additional long quote will be deducted from the grade of the paper. Quotes cannot exceed 250 words without written permission from the author of the source you are quoting from.Correct parenthetical documentation is required.Also, all sources cited in the paper must appear on the works cited page.

Format:Typed, double-spaced with proper MLA heading.The paper should have one inch margins.Please save the paper in either Microsoft Word (with a .doc or .docx extension) or in rich text format (with a .rtf extension).The paper will require correct MLA documentation – both in the parenthetical citations and on the works cited page.The works cited page is the last page of the paper and should not be sent as a separate file.The paper needs to be written in third person.

Audience:You will be writing this paper for a wavering audience of your peers.Remember your audience, and their needs, when you write the paper.(Reminder: wavering audience responds to all types of appeals).When writing this paper you will need to use third person to prevent bias with this audience.

Other information:

This paper MUST use the same topic that was approved for the Controversial Issue paper. Do not change the topic of your paper without contacting the instructor and receiving approval.

In this paper you will present a clear argument that supports one side of your selected issue.You will need to address at least three specific points for your side of the issue. You will need to incorporate emotional, ethical and logical appeals as needed by your specific audience.You will also need to address at least two points for the opposition and refute those points with evidence.

Carefully consider your organization when writing this paper.It is also important that you have a strong thesis and clear topic sentences that allow the reader to understand the argument.Use cluster paragraphs to develop the complex ideas. Transitions are important in connecting your ideas and moving the reader through your argument.

The title for the paper should be more than the subject.Work to create a title that reflects the content of the argument and grabs the reader’s attention.

You need to use third person in the paper unless you are quoting a source. Papers that use first person will receive a 50 point deduction. Use sources to reflect/present your views on the issue.

The assignment needs to be submitted to BOTH AND the EAGLE Online assignment drop box.

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