Staff Education Presentation: Patient Falls

The CEO has tasked you with creating a 4- to 6-minute staff educational video/Presentation pertaining to the topic Below:
Regarding Patient Falls

In the Presentation, you are educating your staff on the details that occurred pertaining to the selected topic above. Address the following:
    Create the scenario related to your selected topic.

    Discuss why staff education is important to the team members. Include details regarding the impact to patient care and outcomes.

    Discuss what went wrong and what procedure was not followed (e.g., human error, policy, process, protocol, etc.).

    Create a new procedure the staff will follow to avoid future events.

Consider the following perspectives when creating your questions for this presentation:
    Risk management perspective
    Health care professional role (health unit coordinator, manager, pharmacist, pharm tech, RN, LPN, CNA, lab tech, etc.) perspective
    Human resources perspective
    Legal ramifications
    Accreditation perspective

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