Sports Organization Executive Summary

Using one of the scenarios below, you will write an executive summary to communicate the financial impact of a proposed project to stakeholders. In the executive summary, you will introduce your proposed project and its financial impacts to management by analyzing the companys financial statements and forecasting the impact on the organization. The executive summary should focus on presenting this information to management, whereas the presentation should focus on presenting to stakeholders within the larger community.
Sport Organization:

Green Bay Packers (applicable to scenario A or E below)

A. Your sport organization wants to build a new stadium downtown, but some constituents would prefer a renovation. The current stadium is not
B. Your university wants to make the move from Division II athletics to Division I.
C. Your university is currently in a mid-major conference and wants to move to a Power Five conference.
D. Your university wants to make the move from nonscholarship football to full-scholarship football at the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).
E. Your sport organization (professional sport franchise) is seeking to relocate to a new city.
Prompt: For Milestone One, you will be submitting critical elements A, B, and C of the executive summary portion of the final project. This milestone is due in Module Three.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Executive Summary
A. State the proposed project that the organization should undertake, and briefly explain the intended outcome.
B. Identify the sport organizations most significant revenue generators and significant, regular expenses supported by data from the most recent
  balance sheet.

  C. Determine the sport organizations financial health based on what you discovered above, and support your response with information from the most recent balance sheet.

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