Special education services in your community

You are required to do some research (online, phone calls, virtual meetings, etc.) to determine the possible services that could play a part in supporting a child with special needs in an inclusive classroom environment. Determine whether any of these services are being provided by your local school district.    The report will include:

Introduction: state what it will include and the purpose of the paper.
LEA (Local Education Agency) Briefly describe what services they provide for children with special needs in your community.
A description and analysis of the program based on the general principles for DEC Best Practices (page 87-88). What about Inclusion (full /partial or none). Make sure you define  the principles and identify the ones you find in your research (provide examples).
Describe the process/steps that a family must go through when looking for special education services for children age 0-3, 3-5 and  up to 3rd grade (8 years old).
Provide phone numbers, addresses, and main contact person/agency.
Conclusion: Tell me about your experience (positive/negative, were you able to connect and talk to a person, how hard was it? , etc.
The assignment will need to be typed (3 pages). Please use size 12 font, double space, with a one-inch, APA format.  For your protection, please make sure you keep a copy of your report before submitting it. If you need assistance with APA, refer to the LRC at the library or check OWL-Purdue website for more information.

I am in the riverside area in California if this helps.

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