SOCW 6333 Discussion

As a helping professional you have three primary roles in relation to vicarious trauma. First, you must be able to identify vicarious trauma symptoms within yourself and in other trauma-response helping professionals (e.g., emergency room nurses, emergency response personnel). Second, you must be able to apply intervention and prevention methods effectively. Third, you must be able to educate future professionals on recognizing vicarious trauma within themselves and those with whom they may interact. How might the trauma of others impact you as a helping professional?

Assignment: (You can literally make up a person)

Post a brief description of a specific individual with whom you have worked who experienced a trauma, and briefly describe the incident. Then, briefly describe the impact this experience had on you as a helping professional. Explain how you were or were not prepared for exposure to this individuals trauma. Be specific and use examples.

Note: In order to protect confidentiality, do not use any names or personal identifying information about a client, student, or professional with whom you have worked.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the resources.

You will respond to 2 colleagues once I upload their posts.

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