SOCW 6111 Wk 4 Discussion 1

The adolescent stage can be described as a time where there is a loss of innocence and a preentry into adulthood. A large part of being an adolescent is beginning that process of stepping out into the world and learning about oneself as a unique and autonomous individual. This movement out into the world is contingent upon the knowledge that this young person will have a safe and secure home to return to at the end of the day. If a traumatic loss or event has occurred in the adolescents life, there may be no safe base to which this individual can return. Attachment theory teaches us that a young persons ability to attach/engage with peers, family, and other potential support systems is an important aspect of the developmental process. During the adolescent stage of development, assessing attachment styles is important because it provides a window into how the adolescent relates to others, which allows the clinician to choose the appropriate intervention.

For this Discussion, choose either the program case study for the course-specific case study for Brady.


Post an application of the attachment theory to the case of Brady. Discuss the connection between his attachment style and the exhibiting behavior.

Support your posts with specific references to this weeks resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references

Then you will respond to 2 colleagues once I upload their posts.

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